The Deconstruction of Mr. Assange ⏳

Wikileaks editor and founder Julian Assange has been illegally detained for 7 years without charge, in violation of two UN rulings. Picture via @EmbassyCat on Instagram

It has all the makings of one of our favorite serialized dramas; in text, on the screen; intrigue, plot, wild accusations, dubious death, dangerous characters and too many questions left unanswered.

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By Amber Seree Allen

The “Mystery”

If you are to believe the internet, there is ample mystery surrounding the deconstruction of Mr. Assange.

My first wager: that the “mystery” isn’t quite as mysterious once we are through deconstructing *that* instead.

But what ever do I mean?

It has all the makings of one of our favorite serialized dramas; in text, on the screen; intrigue, plot, wild accusations, dubious death, dangerous characters and too many questions left unanswered.

And like one of our cherished serialized dramas, we watch it happen, to others; from the comfort of whatever space we make for ourselves; while we are not being detained against our wills or forced to flee for our lives.

It is easy to imagine what we would do, if we were these characters. Be triumphant. Get the girl. Take down the bad guys. As we eat cereal and troll YouTube (guilty!).

We know just what we would do, if we were in the kind of position where every single thing we said or did was deconstructed by hundreds if not thousands of people every time we blinked. While *we* fart and pick our noses, talking smack to people we dislike on twitter, making typos galore.

We TOTALLY get what it’s like to have three of our close circle die in one year, and not even be able to attend the funeral of our Mentor and long time friend and coworker, due to being unlawfully detained by hostile state actors. While the threats & taunts keep coming in waves at us.

Without a doubt, we know exactly what it would be like to have viciously written character assassinations published on us often. We definitely understand how it feels to have daily death threats against us. We know exactly how we would handle it if people in positions of power were calling for our murder. We know so well, how it is to have other people’s lives affected severely by unwarranted attacks upon our person. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, exactly what it feels like to have egregious accusations made against us in an attempt to slander our image and life’s work.

We can self identify with being clearly vindicated under international law, yet exist under the pressure of constant accusation.

We know *exactly* what that would be like. Don’t we.

Don’t we?

Or do we *think* we know it because it seems just like one of our cherished serialized dramas?

Sure, *You* would probably do it better. You would be smarter, stronger, you would have done this, you would have done that.

But have you?

🕵❔🔎 SRCS \/

My second wager: no single individual has exposed more war crimes than Julian Assange has by starting and running Wikileaks.

The Reality

While every individual leaker, whistleblower, the people who have helped them, the staff of Wikileaks, the supporters of Wikileaks, the people who report responsibly on the information within the leaks; are all part of the honorable endeavor of exposing the truth; I can’t for the life of me think of another individual with more hand in exposing more war crime than the ever unfortunately eviscerated Mr. Assange.

Exegi Monumentum Ære perennius “I have made a monument more lasting than brass.”

And of course, it isn’t like Mr. Assange has said this to be the very reason he started Wikileaks, or anything.

Whether we are talking about the unwarranted murder of innocents, like what we saw in ‘collateral murder’ US army apache attack helicopter opening fire on unarmed civilians, killing 2 US journalists…

Or perhaps torture and unreported civilian causalities in war.

There are the thousands of documents on 765 out of 779 of the US prisoners in gitmo, including seven men who have died at the prison, and “contain detailed explanations of the supposed intelligence used to justify the prisoners’ detention”.

And then there is always exposing the information which further shows US political ties to ISIS;

“There’s an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money is spread all over the Clinton Foundation” — Julian Assange, John Pilger interview, Nov 5, 2016

We could easily talk about Trade Agreements, tampering in elections, mishandling of elections, political pressure and manipulation, thinly veiled threats, Hillary’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, corrupt economic Pay-to-Play, info about the Bilderberg group, never before seen photos of Antarctica, the Stasi, info about the dirty war for Africa’s uranium and mining rights, publishing documents relative to nuclear issues globally, weapons trafficking in the Congo, or the 9/11 pager data

And so much more, like:

Exposing Scientology by publishing the collected secret bibles. The documents revealed 8 levels of the church. The higher levels the members attain, the more church secrets are revealed. For example: have you heard of Xenu and the Galactic Federation and the hydrogen bomb he exploded on people, in a volcano, 4 quadrillion years ago???? I mean, who hasn’t right? All hail… Xenu?? …

How about 60MB of emails, documents, code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia which showed alleged manipulations from prominent climate scientists to back up their political point of view…

All of this and still more, we have Mr. Assange and his brave staff and the brave leakers who submitted the information, to thank for it.

💰💣💥 SRCS \/

Blessed are the Whistleblowers.” — Ron Paul

What is Wikileaks?

I suppose that depends on who you ask.

Many people profess opinions, but what does Wikileaks say Wikileaks is?

3 November 2015: WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006.

WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses.

“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.” – Julian Assange

So what is Wikileaks? My allegorical grammar metaphor argument is thusly:

As a noun: The Leaks

As a pronoun: WikiLeaks is cited in more than 28 thousands academic papers and US court filings; (Src>)

As a verb:

And it speaks for itself.

⏳💻🔭 SRCS \/

The Tireless Efforts of Others

WikiLeaks’ public staff includes editor Julian Assange, investigations editor Sarah Harrison, sections editor Joseph Farrell, and spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson. Due to the threats against WikiLeaks as a publishing organisation, and the need for high security for sources, many other members of WikiLeaks remain anonymous.

Not only has Wikileaks faced the deaths of the three of their legal support team in 2016, John Jones QC Wikileaks U.N. lawyer, Michael Ratner, Wikileaks Chief Counsel, Gavin Macfadyen, former WikiLeaks Director, the staff is under continued threat.

Sarah Harrison, who is under “investigation“, (along with other Wikileaks staff) by the U.S. for ‘espionage’ among other things, is also well known for her role in helping Edward Snowden escape unwarranted persecution at the hands of U.S. government.

Wikileaks, forced to operate under duress, still manages to make an impact in the free speech community, anti war community, free press community, information activist community, and many other communities, and continues to fight for truth.

Others are also tireless in their efforts, including Wikileaks and Assange supporters worldwide, who run social media campaigns, legal funds, vigils, spread truth, teach their community, and put political pressure on war criminals to Free Assange and ensure the continuation of Wikileaks’ good work.

💪💖💯 SRCS \/

Screenshot (150)

Consistent Inconsistency & Certain Uncertainty

“…we guess with much uncertainty from a thousand reasons concerning a thing as various, as changing, as inconsistent as the heart of man.” —Jonathan Swift

Not only has it appeared to become normal, for even ‘tolerant’ liberals, to call for the violent and unnecessary death of Julian Assange and Wikileaks staff, but Wikileaks endures a constant stream of misinformation and slander being published about them.

Lately is has become commonplace, and rather accepted, to be consistently told by M$M that wikileaks is a Russian platform and Assange is an agent of Putin…

This is supposed to convince us that Russia is somehow responsible for the emails *leaked* during the election, and lead us to believe the information within them is somehow suspect. And that they colluded in order to elect Donald Trump to the President of the United States, in some kind of misogynistic KGB campaign against democracy, America, and the Queen of the Faux Feminists…

…which is completely delusional to begin with.

Not only is it delusional and displays wanton American Privilege, there is no convincing evidence, in this author’s opinion, to that sentiment.

A sentiment which Wikileaks and Julian Assange as well as supporters, all consistently deny; but whose voices fall on seemingly deaf ears. Even self professed ‘Not fans’ of Assange express doubts.

Not only did the Wikileaks release of Vault 7 show that the CIA can leave “fingerprints” to make it seem like their hacks from other countries, CNN and democrats both admit there is no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.

Many believe this is a slanderous attempt of those who were exposed during the U.S. 2016 elections to cover their tracks, as well as to defame Wikileaks the information which was released during the election.


There are quite a number of other inciteful campaigns which have circulated the Internets about Mr. Assange and his staff and the organization of Wikileaks, ranging from the outlandish, to the cleverly crafted.

Speaking of the cleverly crafted, how is this for you:

Laura Portias, creator of ‘Risk’, not only, according to Wikileaks attorneys, re-edited ‘Risk’ in a way which threw Wikileaks as well as Mr. Assange in a bad light, they put Wikileaks staff in jeopardy, and broke their verbal contract. To add insult to injury, Portias also apparently felt the need to diminish Sarah Harrison’s role and her character as well.

Remember folks, as Melinda Taylor, part of Assange’s legal team, writes, “It was this same Sarah Harrison, acting for WikiLeaks, who rescued Edward Snowden from impending arrest in the United States—after Laura Poitras had left him to his fate.

{Author’s Note: Laura Portias is one of original editors of The Intercept, which was founded by a billionaire with sketchy ties; and even though it claims to provide “journalists the editorial freedom and legal support they need to pursue investigations that expose corruption and injustice wherever they find it and hold the powerful accountable” has burned at least two sources to the U.S. Government}

While people like Portias and others in M$M attempt to make it appear that women should not, or can not, and do not Support Mr. Assange and Wikileaks, it simply is not so. In fact a few days reading Julian Assange’s twitter feed can attest many women support him, some of the most outspoken of all, in this author’s experience, have been women.

Brave women who are empowered by truth, who have been set free from the bonds of oppression by knowledge otherwise not afforded to them.

⁉📡💫 SRCS \/

“I have been empowered professionally through my work with Julian and WikiLeaks, while enjoying the privilege of working almost exclusively with brilliant female lawyers, in a gender ratio very rarely found.” — Melinda Taylor, international Human Rights lawyer and member of Assange’s legal team

Tricks of the Trade

We KNOW people are paid to ‘confront‘ opposition, make comments, engage in astroturf, & discredit others online.

What we may underestimate, is their level of training and effectiveness.


Nuerolinguistic Programming (NLP), is the study of how language relates to brain function and behavior etc. One of the inherent flaws in this line of study is that it not only teaches people how to help themselves, but it also teaches how to manipulate others, as Mr. Assange seems to be perfectly aware.

The techniques of NLP are not only used by corporations, businesses, individuals, and politicians, they are also used within the Media. And NLP is only one of the schools of thought out there which teaches the manipulation through language. Many others exist as well, and people are paid money, as well pay money, to learn these things. It is an industry.

The knowledge itself is not inherently bad, but what we decide to do with it decides whether we are good or bad.

🗣📕🎦 SRCS \/

REAL ‘Fake News’

What I call ‘Circular Sourcing’, similar to Circular Reporting, Circular Reference and Circular Reasoning, found commonly in M$M, is also a way false information is spread.

Circular Sourcing, like this drivel, is when all their linked “sources” within an article simply link to their own articles; if you’re lucky, they link directly to individual articles; but many of their “sources” are actually links to their own category pages displaying all posts in a certain category. Well that seems great, maybe, but how many of the sources within all those articles all just link back to the same places?

They lend the image of respectability to the information within these articles by creating the illusion said articles are well sourced, and *perhaps* some if not all of them are, but many of their own articles fail to provide those sources publicly when the illusion is tested.

What is more, salacious headlines and circular sourced articles are often reprinted and republished hundreds, maybe even thousands of times over, and no one seems to care there are no sources actually cited within. This doesn’t account for fact of how many times they will then be carelessly shared on social media.

This is how *real* ‘Fake News’ is actually spread.

But it isn’t just in print. It happens as well, maybe even more so, via TV/film medium.

We were even told by CNN’s Chris Cuomo that it is illegal to ‘posses’ Wikileaks, which is a false claim, but also is an attempt to scare people from seeing the information within the releases themselves.

These and many other tactics are employed daily in order to control public opinion.

Could it possibly be that this barrage of deception around, and constant deconstruction of, Mr. Assange is a purposeful tactic used to discredit him, and plant seeds of doubt into his supporters as well as the unintiated masses who’ve yet to experience the wondrous joy of discovering the untold troves of knowledge within the Wikileaks releases?

🎭🎬🐀 SRCS \/


Deconstruction to the Point of Meaninglessness

This author personally feels that Mr. Assange’s words are often misunderstood and or simply taken out of context; not just because of purposeful design; but also many many times simply because the average (insert country of origin here) citizen has no idea what Mr. Assange is talking about because they have not diligently examined millions of documents.

However, Mr. Assange has personally endeavored to enable them that luxury. It is not his fault, or by his fault, if they do not.

Mr. Assange is a human being with the unalienable rights of self expression. ie: He has the right to his own opinion.

But what he *thinks* of the documents and information contained therein are only a part of the sum.

The equation itself is only solvable by direct interaction with the published materials.

The leaks stand for themselves.

Dissecting, deconstructing, and attacking everything Mr. Assange says achieves nothing but the demoralization of a man.

To the end that even those who claim to support him can end up holding him to impossible account.

Justice is Dialectic

The archetype of Justice represents the dialogic and the ability to dialectically think, conducting “analytical reasoning that pursues knowledge and truth as long as there are questions and conflicts.”

Justice is able to reason from opposing viewpoints and come to the best outcome.

Justice has no judgement upon A Thing. Rather that Judgement, which is inherent, and is not relative to A Thing, but rather to All Things, exists with or without our opinions.

By publishing troves of verfiied documents for public consumption Wikileaks is furthering the dialogic capabilities of our society, and allowing us to reason for ourselves.

F = ma

As the physical laws of the universe are observable, so are the logical laws of reason. And I ask you, what are the physical laws of the universe but logical laws of reason?

An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force. If we want to change something, we must act toward creating that change. If we do not act toward creating that change, that change will not come.

The vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass ‘m’ of that object multiplied by the acceleration a of the object: F = ma. Our ability to create change is equal to the effort and energy we put into it.

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything has a consequence, every action a reaction, and, That which you give, you get.

And these, and many other logical laws of reason, teach us why a thing happens when another thing does or does not happen.

When we subvert Justice it is because we are no longer thinking reasonably or logically. If our sword does not cut both ways equally it is not a sword of truth.

We do not need to agree with a person about everything in order to recognize and respect their right to individual sovereignty and civil liberties.

The very mandate of Liberty, Justice, our Lady of the Scales, dictates this.

The laws of reason teach us that if we take a right away from another, this affords them the right and motive to take a right away from us.

And in this way, the unalienable civil liberties are equal among all men and women, in every land.

To have Liberty ourselves, we must afford it to others.

Literally the bible even says so: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31 NIV

If we wish to have our own individual sovereignty, we must recognize the individual sovereignty of others.


Unjustified war and illegal invasion of another land, resulting in unjustified and illegal casualties of civilians is in direct violation of individual sovereignty on mass scale.

Lovely art by EternalLegend

Given F=ma , and other laws of logic, in order to create the change we wish to see, we actually have to put effort toward changing it.

Wikileaks has published over 10 Million documents, many of which pertain directly to the Military Industrial Complex from one angle or another. And also provided them directly to the public, even at great personal risk to life and liberty. This is effort.

Furthermore, since everything has an equal and opposite reaction, because Wikileaks has published millions of documents pertaining to the Military Industrial Complex, which exposes explicit knowledgeable profit from criminal activity, those engaged in profiteering off of criminal activity, who do not wish to be exposed nor lose their profits, push back.

However, it is only a few who profit from this kind of criminal activity; and people in general do not like to be bombed, murdered, poisoned, defrauded, threatened, nor be lied to; so those people will continue to try to expose criminal activity of this nature.

Because all things have an equal and opposite reaction:

Not only will war crimes continue to be exposed by brave individuals and compassionate thinkers: but those who expose these war crimes will continue to be attacked: because those who commit war crimes do not wish to be exposed.


The misinformation and deconstruction campaigns against Mr. Assange and his staff make absolute sense when you account for what Assange has exposed. There is no mystery. The misinformation and deconstruction is purposeful and not only slanders his character, but causes even steadfast supporters to feel unconscious pangs of doubt.

The constant barrage of misinformation and accusations not only muddies the water and poisons the well, it distracts from the real news within the leaks, and from the fact that Mr. Assange is unlawfully detained under threat of death.

“Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.” Neil Postman

The Man Behind Wikileaks

Because we are constantly under a barrage of misinformation, what kind of image are we left with?

Not of a man, who in his passion to show people truth and expose corruption, has sacrificed family, freedom, comfort, sunlight, all for his cause.

ja_tyre-shotw1We are not left with the image of a man at all.

We are left with the image of an infallible hero who must always be correct, and DAMN him if he isn’t; or a treasonous villain who “hates the West”; a spy perhaps; a hacker with no cares for privacy; we were even convinced he may have been dead, and the list goes on…

At the end of the day, Mr. Assange *is* a man.

A man who needs to drink water, eat, sleep, urinate, defecate, pick his nose and have air and sunlight to live; just like the rest of us; and has the right to his own opinions.

It may happen that I, among many, believe he is a good man, a brave man, and an honest man; even if I don’t always agree with, or understand, him.

But he is a man, nonetheless. Not a serialized drama for our entertainment. Not a salacious headline or unfounded accusation. Not even a twitter account, or 10 million leaked documents.

He is a man.

Lest we forget.

A man who has Civil Liberties just like the rest of us, and who deserves justice when they are taken from him.


Be sure to check out the 👇 Sources Section \/

How can you Support Wikileaks?

Check out the Wikileaks Shop or Donate today.

The Courage Foundation

The Courage Foundation is an international organization dedicated to the support of those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record.

“Follow our official accounts @wikileaks, @wltaskforce, @communitywl and @wikileaksshop” –, What Is Wikileaks?

Further Reading \/


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Tricks of the Trade

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REAL ‘Fake News’

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